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Meet Your

Graphic Designer & Photographer

Hello everyone!!!!

Thank you very much for stopping by! My name is Praise. Yes, you read that right... Praise. :) 


Being a graphic designer and photographer is more than a job, it's a joy for me and I love what I do! As your graphic designer, I will handle your projects from start to finish and make sure you are pleased with the ending product. As your photographer, I will capture YOU. The best 'posed' pictures are just you being you. I believe we are all beautiful in our own way. Let's capture that beauty together!!!


I look forward to working with you!


Mission Statement

My goal is to make photography and graphic design affordable by offering high-quality work without breaking the bank.  

Fun Facts About Me

  • I'm 4'8 (146 cm)

  • I'm a Leo

  • My favorite colors are red, pink, black, and white

  • My favorite meal is anything with rice (almost) - tobogee and rice

  • I like trying new foods

  • I rarely watch tv

  • I listen to inspirational speakers and watch art videos when I am bored

  • I enjoy cooking, napping, and working on new projects

  • I am the oldest of 4 ... & the shortest T^T

  • I'm an anime and K-pop fan!

  • I LOVE spicy food!!! - Bring on the delicious heat

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